Our First Official Episode!! The Toe Wrestling World Championships

Hey guys,

I´m in the midst of switching sites to http://www.wickedweirdworld.com/ but since it´s not 100% connected to this one yet I thought I would give a shout out to let you know about something seriously cool – the first episode of our web series is out!


We shot The Toe Wrestling World Championships way back in July of 2012.  It was an adventure, both to compete in the Championships and to see our episode come to life.  It couldn’t have happened without the support of some special folks.


Rory Mathieson and Kyle Johnston, the two talented gents over at Sweet Pixel, shot and edited the episode.  The supremely awesomeJose Pereira was our sound designer and we feel very fortunate to have had Steve Emney on board to help us with the narration recording.  BAFTA winning Vykintas Kazdailis did our animation and we have to thank Clara Puig, Mike Gerrow, Jimmy Hayes, Tiff Shen, and Alex Kyrou for all their support.  We were also lucky to get some extremely talented bands on board.  For links to their toe tapping tunes, see below.


We highly recommend that anyone and everyone check out The Toe Wrestling Championships held at the Bentley Brook Inn in Ashbourne, UK.  The 2013 event will be held on June 8th.  Head on over, grab a pint and say hi to everyone for us!


For more information, check out the Bentley Brook Inn website: http://www.bentleybrookinn.co.uk

Let me know what you think!


Music for The Toe Wrestling Championships episode:


“Intro tunes” – Kyle Sheppard


“Shiny Spaceship” by 8-Bit Ninjas (http://8bitninjas.co.uk/)


“Balkan Beats” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra (http://www.freakfandango.es/)


“The Hug” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra (http://www.freakfandango.es/)


“Summer Case” by Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com)


“Wake” by Finn Riggins (http://finnriggins.com/)


“Requiem for a Fish” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra (http://www.freakfandango.es/)


“Occam’s Disco Razor” 8-Bit Ninjas (http://8bitninjas.co.uk/)






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