Having a Laugh at Ted Fest!

When you hear Ted you might be thinking about the popular lecture series TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design).  The festival that is held each year in the Aran Islands in Ireland celebrates a different Ted; Father Ted, the popular Irish sitcom which follows the misadventures of three Roman Catholic priests.  The series, created in 1995, won critical acclaim, several BAFTAs and a devout fan following – so much so that the fans created Ted Fest in 2004 to celebrate their favourite show.


Set on “Craggy Island”, a small island on the west coast of Ireland (and speculated to be one of the Aran Island), Father Ted lasted three series before Dermot Morgan, who played Father Ted, died of a heart attack (just one day after series three finished shooting).  He was 45.  Morgan’s son, Rob, is now one of the active organizers of Ted Fest.


Events vary each year, but past Ted Fests have enjoyed:

Ted’s Got Talent competition

The Lovely Girl Contest

Buckaroo Speed Dating

Hide a Nun and Seek

And more!

For more information and to buy tickets, check out the Official Website.

When:  February 21st – 24th, 2013

Where:  Inis Mor, Ireland



10 thoughts on “Having a Laugh at Ted Fest!

  1. Wow! Just, Wow! Very sad I can’t be there, though wont rule it out for next year. Thank you for bringing Ted-Fest to my attention.
    Do you know if they have an annual Blackadder-Fest somewhere?
    Keep up the good work, really enjoy your blog posts.

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