The Menton Fête du Citron

The folks over in Menton on the French Riviera are celebrating the lemon.  While it might sound similar to what we’ve seen with the Garlic, Pecan and Onion Festivals, the Fête du Citron is unique in that it’s not so much about the taste of lemon and oranges, but rather what you can make with it.


This annual celebration draws in around 230,000 visitors to admire the impressive structures that were created by 300+ professionals utilizing 145 tonnes of fruits.   Dating back to the 1930s, the Fête du Citron has grown from a few carts with lemon and orange trees to a full-scale celebration and exhibition of Menton’s creativity.


For more information on the Menton Fête du Citron, check out their Official Website.

When:  February 16th – March 6th, 2013

Where:  Menton, France


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