It’s Time for Sydney’s Mardi Gras!

We’re in the crunch time to Lent and the world is preparing by cutting loose and indulging in anything and everything.  What better way to celebrate than with a carnival?  And no one can do it quite like the Australians.


Sydney’s Mardi Gras has been going strong for 35 years.  While other countries use carnival for fun and shenanigans, the folks in Sydney are celebrating sexual diversity and acceptance, and are bringing to the forefront the LGBTQI (which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex  – phew, that’s a long one).

What can you expect?  A month worth of comedy nights, film screenings, live music, theatre and even a Bike & Tattoo show!  The main attraction is, of course, one of the biggest and brightest parades the world has to offer!  10,000 people gather and partake in the Gay Pride Parade in Sydney while hundreds of thousands cheer them on.


It sounds like one hell of a party!  For more information on Sydney’s Mardi Gras and for a full schedule of events, check out the Official Website.

When:  8th February – 3rd March, 2013

Where:  Sydney, Australia


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