Día de Los Indianos; Spain’s Talcum Powder Fight

Spain has some of the craziest and coolest festivals out there, so we really shouldn’t be surprised that the folks Santa Cruz de la Palma in the Canary Islands are getting up to some mischief.  Locals and tourists gather each year on the Monday before Ash Wednesday and, fueled by sangria and mojitos, partake in one wild talcum powder fight!

Día de Los Indianos

Painting the streets white

The tradition is inspired by Spanish immigrants that left in search of prosperity in the Americas, often settling in Cuba, before eventually returning to the motherland – with much accumulated wealth. The powder fight could have come from the Cuban tradition of powdering ones skin to lighten it, or from the practice of powdering newly arrived guests from sea in an attempt to prevent the spread of tropical disease.

Día de Los Indianos 2

Enjoying Cuban Music

The festival is largely celebrated as a parody with everyone dressing in white, wearing Cuban style hats and sometimes carrying suitcases of money to impersonate the wealthy immigrants.  Cuban music is played throughout the day as thousands throw powder and celebrate.  For more information, check out the Official Website.

Have you been to Día de Los Indianos?  If so, share your stories with us!

When:  February 11th, 2013 (the Monday before Ash Wednesday)

Where:  Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain



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