Madness at the Maltese Carnival!

The Carnival in Malta is on this week and thousands are standing by in giddy anticipation for what is bound to be 5 days of awesome silliness.  The Carnival happens each year in Malta and Gozo in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday.  It’s an important time in Malta – after all, the festivities have been going down for 500 years!  Locals and tourists dress up and masquerade throughout the country, enjoying dancing, drinking and generally cutting loose before the restrictive days of Lent.


The main festivities happen in Valletta, Floriana and Nadur and you can expect street parties and bright, colourful parades.  If you want to dress up just make sure you don’t dress as a Nun or a Priest – that’s frowned upon here (and when I say “frowned” I mean that you could end up getting arrested).


For a more detailed account (and a full schedule of events for 2013) check out the blog of our friends Mike & Jess in Malta

I’ll be heading over to Gozo tonight to see if I can get in on some of the madness.  Wish me luck!!

When:  February 8 – 12th, 2013

Where:  Valletta & Fiorana, Malta and Nadur, Gozo


3 thoughts on “Madness at the Maltese Carnival!

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  2. I also love, love Malta, Gozo & Comino! I have been there many times on vacation & loved everything about these lovely Islands! 🙂 What a great & very colourful carnaval!

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