Smelling the Roses at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Each  year in early February, the people of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s 5th largest city, located in Northern Thailand, celebrate with something that is delightfully peaceful; the Flower Festival.


Colourful Gardens

Public gardens throughout the city open up and display a dazzling collection of colours.   Along with white chrysanthemums, purple Dendrobium orchids, and yellow Daoruan can be spotted the Damask Rose; a rose only found in this region in Thailand.  The main attraction at the festival is the public garden of Suan Buak Haad on the south-western corner of the moat where the roads are closed down and plant vendors set up shop.

Varieties of orchids emerge for the competition.  Miniature trees, waterfalls, patios and garden decorations paint the scene at this idyllic festival. On Saturday morning starts the Flower Festival Parade where you’ll spot colourful floats and the hill tribe people in traditional garb.  Watch traditional dances as those in the parade hand out roses to people in the crowd.

Thailand Flower Festival

Flower Parade

The festival picks up towards the end of the day as locals throw back some beer, crank up the tunes, and cast their vote for the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Queen.

If you’re looking for a beautiful festival to kick back and smell the roses, be sure to check out the Chiang Mai Flower Festival.  For more information, check out Chiang Mai’s Best. 

Where:  Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

When: February 1st – 3rd, 2013



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