South Korea’s Hwacheon Ice Festival

So far we’ve only really covered different exhibition parks in South Korea, and while we do love the Toilet Convention Centre and the Jeju Love Land (the Sex Themed Park) it’s nice to see a super cool festival.

The Hwacheon Ice Festival takes place in the Gangwon Province of South Korea each January.   During this winter festival, thousands from Korea and abroad gather to partake in over 40 events ranging from snowman making to Ice Soccer.  The main attraction is the Trout Fishing.  You can either do this using one of the 9,000 holes drilled into the Hwacheongang River or (if you’re brave enough) you can try catching one with your bare hands!!


Brave souls catch Trout with their bare hands

Cook up your fresh fish or try it raw – the chefs on site are happy to help.

Don’t miss out on what is guaranteed to be a frosty fun time!

For more information, check out the Visit Korea official page.

When:  now until 27th of January, 2013

Where:  Hwacheon Stream & 5 villages in Hwacheon-gun, South Korea

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