Mummering in Newfoundland, Canada

I’m always delighted when I come across a tradition from my home turf, Canada, that is both amazing and incredibly bizarre.  Canadians are well-known for many things; maple syrup, snow, being polite – but now let us be known in the world sphere for something pretty freakin weird; Mummering!

The delightfully saucy Candice Walsh from Candice Does the World recently partook in the old tradition which, if you’ll note, looks quite a bit like Mari Lwyd from Wales.  This isn’t surprising considering the tradition was carried over from the UK, the first recorded Newfoundland date being in 1819.  Mummering is a Christmastime tradition where locals dress up in disguises and visit houses in the community.  The Mummers will perform and entertain and the host has to guess their identity.

In other words: super awesome fun.

Check out Candice Walsh’s video where she partook in the celebrations.  You can read her personal account here.  You can also check out the Official Mummers Website or their Facebook Page.

When: December, annually

Where: Newfoundland, Canada


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