Keeping it Cool at the Walrus Dip in Wales

Some traditions die hard, which is surprising considering how uncomfortable they can be (Mutilation Festival, anyone?)  During the winter season it is not uncommon to come across folks going for what is known as a “Polar Bear swim”.  Polar Bear swims are popular in snowy territories and involve local folk running into frozen lakes or frosty oceans to see how long they can stand the unbearable cold.

The Welsh are no exception, but they give this tradition a different name; the Walrus Dip.  Locals from Carmarthenshire, Wales, gather together at Cefn Sidan, donning elaborate costumes varying from Santas to Bananas and leap into the icy waters.  The Walrus Dip raises money for local charities and is an excellent way to shake out the holiday slumbers and raise your heart rate!  Now in it’s 26th year, the Walrus Dip promises to be titillating day out!

When:  December 26th, 2012 – Boxing Day

Where: Cefn Sidan, Wales


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