The Freaky Festive Yule Cat

We’ve already read about the Icelandic Yule Lads who bring all sorts of mischief to townsfolk in the lead up to Christmas, but there is another shady character hiding out in Iceland; the Yule Cat.


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The Yule Cat has been frightening children for generations.  Like Krampus, you don’t want to be on the Yule Cat’s bad side lest he come to your house and eat you!  The Yule Cat is a bit different from Krampus though – Krampus will eat you if you have been naughty; the Yule Cat will eat you if you haven’t received new clothes for Christmas.


In the lead up to winter it was important to finish all of ones wool work.  The reward for hard work was new clothes, so if you didn’t receive any clothes it meant that you were probably lazy.  You know who hates lazy children?  That’s right – the Yule Cat.

Christmas is less than a week away.  If you’re in Iceland and haven’t been productive I suggest you start now…or else the Yule Cat will getcha!


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