Go Pinchy, Go! Australia’s Crab Race

While it’s getting cold in the Northern Hemisphere it is nice and toasty south of the equator and our friends over in Australia know how to enjoy the heat; with a nice cold pint.

What else could you need, except for perhaps some entertainment?  Some might try to convince you that horse racing is the way to go, but we would beg to differ and instead recommend you swing by the Friend in Hand Pub over in Sydney and partake in something more unique; Crab Racing.

The Friend in Hand Pub has been hosting the Crab Race since the mid 90’s.  Since then it has turned into a weekly attraction, happening every Wednesday night.

Place your bets, pick your crab and give it a clever and embarrassing name.  For a more personal account of the crab race, check out Lisa Clarke’s website.

For more information about the Friend in Hand Pub, check out their Official Website.

When:  Every Wednesday Night at 8pm

Where:  Sydney, Australia


One thought on “Go Pinchy, Go! Australia’s Crab Race

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