It’s time for Furfest!

There are many things that we folks at Wicked and Weird Around the World love; pizza, scary movies, small fluffy animals, but few of these compare to the wonder that is happening this month.  We are talking about the Midwest FurFest!

The Midwest FurFest officially began in 1999, though it had been part of another convention prior.  FurFest is a celebration of art, literature and performance – but with a twist; it is focused on anthropomorphic animals. Since its inception, the convention has grown from 388 attendees to over 2,500.  It continues to gain popularity each year and draws countless media attention.  I mean, aren’t we all a little intrigued by the people who dress up as animals and adopt “fursonas”?

Remember, The Midwest FurFest is quite serious and attendees will drop thousands on getting the best animal suit that they can find.  For more info, check out one of the leading FurSuit designers, Stormfire Studios.

What can you expect during FurFest?

Water Colour Painting

Video Games


Dance Competitions

A My Little Pony Meet and Greet

Furry Anime

Musical Performances



Card Games for 18+

And Much More!

For more information, check out the Official Website.

When: 16-18th November 2012

Where:  Rosemont, Illinois, USA


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