Mad Cows VS. The Inmates

The month of October brings us many delights; crisp autumn air, coffee warming up your hands, dressing up for Halloween and, of course, the Angola Prison Rodeo.

Not sure what the Angola Prison Rodeo is?  Well, for starters it is the longest running prison rodeo in the United States (which might be a surprise for those of us who didn’t realize that prisons and rodeos go hand in hand).  The rodeo got its start in 1965 when it was established for the entertainment of both prisoners and employees. It has since then blossomed into a full-scale celebration with thousands travelling from all over the world to watch convicts in black and white striped uniforms duke it out with violent and powerful beasts.   The media isn’t entirely sure how to respond to the event but the warden insists that it is an outlet for positive change and rehabilitation for the inmates.

While the idea of putting criminals in the same arena with dangerous animals might sound horrific to some and amazing to others, one thing is for certain: the Angola Prison Rodeo doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon.

Watch the Video Press Release here

When: Every Sunday in October, 2012

Where: Louisiana, USA


2 thoughts on “Mad Cows VS. The Inmates

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