Jump Around at the Pyestang Tugak

Pyestang Tugak is coming up, and you know what that means (oh, you don’t?)

We are talking about the wonderfully fun and quirky Frog Festival that takes place each year in the city of San Fernando, in the Pampanga province of the Philippines.


The festival has only been running since 2003, but it the roots run deeper.  San Fernando is teeming with the slippery amphibians, so much so that during the rainy season while the adults were busy planting rice, the children would set out in hunt for frogs.  The rainy season soon became known as “frog season” as children and families would catch the critters by the bundle, developing special techniques.  The locals loved the frogs – not only would they eat crop destroying pests, but they were also delicious.   Now, annually, hundreds flock to San Fernando to eat some tasty food, enter the frog jumping competition, watch the parade and see who wins the prize for dressing up their frog.

Here are some adorable frog-children for you:

When:  October 24-27th, 2012

Where:  San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines


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