Ten Things to Know about Oktoberfest

One of our favourite festivals is coming up.  It combines copious amounts of alcohol, fancy dress, singing, and mouth wateringly amazing food.  We are of course talking about the popular Bavarian celebration Oktoberfest!


Oktoberfest happens annually during the 17 or so days leading up to the first weekend in October. The festival has been going strong since 1810 and originally started as a celebration for the wedding of Bavarian King Ludwig I.  It has since grown to attract over 5 million people annually, making it the world’s largest fair.


Things you’ll see:

  1. Beer baronesses carrying 10 beer steins, one with each finger
  2. Men in lederhosen singing traditional folk songs on top of tables
  3. Gingerbread “I love you” cookies
  4. Currywurst and frankfurters as far as the eye can see
  5. Creepy animatronic animals
  6. Haunted houses and amusement park rides
  7. Passed out patrons, often slouched over a pool of vomit.  They are affectionately known as Bierleichen, AKA: Beer Corpses
  8. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages looking stunning in dirndls
  9. Ponies
  10. Men.  Lots and lots of men

Things to know:

  1. Book your accommodation and flights early
  2. Oktoberfest takes place in Thereisienwiese, in the Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt quarter.  You can get there by taking the underground (U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhöhe).  It is not advisable to travel by car
  3. The tents will be open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. till 11.30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. till 11.30 p.m.
  4. They serve litres of beer, not pints.  They cost approximately 10 euro each (including tip; no tip = no service)
  5. Dirndls can be purchased throughout Munich and can easily cost over 100 euro, so budget accordingly
  6. Don’t spend all your time at the fair.  It’s easy to get around so make sure to swing by the train station and check out some of the stunning nearby villages
  7. In many of the beer tents you will need to reserve a table.  It is free to do this but you will generally have to commit to 10 people per table, each with a minimum spend
  8. You need to be seated at a table if you are hoping to dine in one of the tents
  9. If caught stealing beer steins you can be charged 50 euro
  10. Don’t be an ass.  Oktoberfest is about having a wonderful time with your friends, not about drinking too much, taking off your clothes and getting in a fight with a donkey.  Just sayin’

Where: Munich, Germany

When:  September 22nd – October 7th, 2012

For more information, check out the Official Website


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