Why Not? The Newent Onion Fayre

And today in the world of unconventional celebrations, we bring to you a gem from the British township of Newent; the annual Onion Fayre & Food Festival.

While the festival hosts the usual pleasures of food, drink and music, the main focus of this one day event is the celebrate our favourite vegetable of the Amaryllidaceae family: the onion.

This small English town with a population of just over 5,000 attracts almost 15,000 visitors for the festivities.  What goes on during the fayre?  You can attend the dog show, peruse the stalls, vote in the window display contest, watch the Onion Show, enjoy some live music, and of course, enter the Onion Eating competition.

Just make sure to bring some breath mints for afterwards…

When:  Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Where: Newent, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

For more details, check out the Official Website

*photo taken from Newent Onion Fayre website


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