Think You’ve Seen it All? Welcome to the Black Pudding Throwing World Championships

Do you like Black Pudding?  Do you like throwing things?  Well, we have the event for you!

Taking place each year on the 2nd Sunday of September, the English town of Ramsbottom hosts the popular Black Pudding Throwing World Championships.

Contestants aim to knock down Yorkshire puddings stacked atop a 20-30 ft plinth by throwing black pudding that has been wrapped in ladies tights.  Sound easy?  It isn’t.  The person who knocks down the most Yorkshire puddings in 3 attempts wins.

The origins of the competition are foggy, but it is rumoured to have originated during the War of the Roses when Lancashire and Yorkshire were duking it out, eventually throwing black puddings when they ran out of proper ammunition.

Entry costs £1 for 3 tries.  Money raised during the event will go to Stubbins Village Trust.

If you’d rather  eat the black puddings worry not – there will be plenty of tasty items for sale during the event.

When: Sunday, September 9th, 2012 from 11:00am

Where: Lancs at the Royal Oak on Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, United Kingdom



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