Hold on to Your Socks; Antzar Eguna is This Week!

Now, you might be wondering exactly what Antzar Eguna is…and you wouldn’t be the first.

Antzar Eguna, also known as “The Day of the Geese” takes place each year in Lekeitio, Spain, during the San Antolin Festival.  There are many different activities that happen during this festival, but the most notorious is by far Antzar Eguna where young men boat out to the middle of the harbour and attempt to decapitate a greased up dead goose suspended from a rope.

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The tradition is reputed to have been started by fishermen who caught geese at sea and competed with their fellow fishermen to see who got to take the animals’ home.  It has since grown to be a major celebration and attracts foreign visitors to the small Basque town each year.

Sounds unconventional?  It is, but let’s keep something in mind; they used to use live geese…

When: Sept 5th, 2012

Where: Lekeitio, Spain


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